Welcome To LeeannTweeden.com!

Welcome to my store at LeeannTweeden.com!

Here you will find autographed items such as magazines, posters and pictures as well as my military-inspired paracord bracelets HANDMADE by yours truly!!!

My inspiration to make these bracelets stemmed from my 16 USO Tours to Iraq, Afghanistan & many other countries all over the world. Time after time, military members would give me a paracord bracelet that they had made upon my arrival. I have always been grateful for those small, handmade tokens of appreciation.

For those of you that don't know...paracord (or 550 cord as it's also known) was first used by the US Military for parachutes in WWII. It's now used as general purpose utility cord throughout all branches of service!

Since I love the military, those paracord bracelets and anything sparkly...I decided to make my own and customize them to fit my personal style. So many people started commenting on them and asked if I had any for sale. Well, that day has come!

Please know that a portion of the proceeds from my paracord bracelets will go to my non-profit, Heroes & Patriots, to help military families in need. Thank you for helping make a difference while wearing something stylish and made by me! :) www.heroesandpatriots.net

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find what you're looking for!